Tutoring Quotes

“My daughter has always struggled with school, especially with math. When Beth Goodman became her tutor in the summer between her 7th and 8th grade year, she was quite behind and in danger of failing. She hated math and
began giving up because it was so difficult for her.  Beth was able to relate to my daughter at her level and motivate her to learn. She is naturally patient and encouraging and has a knack for explaining difficult concepts using examples that my daughter could grasp and relate to.  She ended every tutoring session with an upbeat report of my daughter’s progress which made me feel as if we were on the right path. My daughter is entering high school at grade level and with a solid foundation for the difficult classes to come. I would recommend Beth whole heartedly and will be using her again next year. I think of her as the Math Miracle Worker!”
-Karen, parent of 8th grader
“I loved Beth as my tutor. She always motivated me and was there whenever I needed help.  She made me feel like I could do math.  When I said that I couldn’t do it, she would always encourage me that I could.  She made me believe in myself a little more. She never told me the answers but made me understand how to get there. She is a very nice and outgoing person. She has been tutoring me for 3 years and I love her.”
-Jillian, middle school student (tutoring client in 3rd, 4th, and 8th grade)

“My son was struggling  with 6th grade math and as his mother I was worried he would not pass the entrance exam to continue with 7th grade math. I hired Beth Goodman to tutor my son and she did a great job helping Julian to figure out his weak points and how to get him to understand what he needed to work on to improve his math skills. Julian never complained about tutoring with Mrs. Goodman and actually seemed to look forward to sessions with her. Julian did pass the entrance exam this year (with a 94%) and I thank Mrs. Goodman for making this happen! She is an excellent math teacher and tutor!”
-Ingrid, parent of 6th grader

“Mrs. Goodman makes you learn a lot and uses different methods to help you learn.”
-Julian, middle school student

PACE Quotes

“The program has truly proven to be an answer to our prayers. Frustration led us to try anything that came our way. We’re glad this did! Something was stifling John’s potential, and I was so afraid he would just tire of the frustration and just give up before help was found for him. After completing the program, John is like a different child. Before training, John’s own words were: “Nobody can make me like school.” Now John is a participant in his classroom. It’s a world of difference now when he leaves for school in the morning as well as when he comes home. John is happy and has developed a new self-confidence that allows him to face his school work and work to his full potential. My husband and I are grateful to the training program, but much more important is the brighter future ahead for John.”
-Ruth W.
“Before Travis started the program, it would take him three hours to do an hour and a half of homework. His teacher complained about his behavior. He would talk out of turn. He wouldn’t listen. After the training Travis is like a different kid. His report card improved dramatically. This program is truly amazing.”
-Darlene S.

“Amy has displayed more awareness of the world around her without becoming involved in distractions. She is more assertive and curious than before. She feels that she is achieving in her world and is proud of this accomplishment. Amy seems to be able to stay “on task” more easily. She continues to work on this deficit as she knows that this is a weakness.”
-Dee A.

“We have noticed a more positive attitude and he’s more aggressive in completing his homework. We feel he will benefit over the long term from these sessions. His concentration has improved significantly. He told us he can listen to his teachers talk and take notes at the same time. He couldn’t do this before these sessions.”
-Jack F.


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