Teacher and Student In A Classroom At School

Is your student struggling in school? Does your child need an academic boost? Does your child just need to be taught in a different way? Has your child missed some key concepts?
Why Tutoring?: Student needs to catch up, keep up, or get ahead in school.
Ages: K-8th grades
Where?: Tutors offer one-on-one tutoring in your home or public library.
Subjects: math, reading, and writing
How?: After assessing your child and communicating with the classroom teacher, the tutor plans the tutoring sessions to fill past gaps, strengthen current classroom understanding, and pre-teach future content. In order to be most effective, we use your child’s school curriculum as well as our own. In addition, one key element is getting the student to speak aloud and process his/her understanding.
How often?: You can choose the amount of days for your child to be tutored. However, it is usually best for students to have two one-hour sessions per week.
Success: Most students go from getting D’s & F’s to getting B’s & A’s after 3 months of tutoring (2 days a week).  For faster results, we recommend more frequent tutoring.
Cost: One-hour sessions range from $40-$60, depending on location and amount of sessions. Group tutoring (for a lower cost) is also available in certain circumstances.
How to start?: Make an appointment, and we will assess your child, create a written report, and have a consultation for $100. After reviewing the results, we will discuss tutoring options (days, times, subjects, etc.). There are no long-term contracts!


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