Homework Help

Is your student constantly behind in homework? Does your child spend hours each night doing daily assignments? Does your child just need to learn organizational and study skills?
Why Homework Help?: Student understands key concepts but lacks time management, organizational, and study skills.
Ages: K-8th grades
Where?: Homework Tutors come to your home, school, or public library.
Subjects: all subjects
How?: Homework tutors use students’ homework as the tutoring curriculum.  The tutor helps the student organize his binder, planner, and backpack. The tutor advises the child on particular organizational and time management skills.  The tutor helps the tutee understand directions and solidify the habit of reading directions carefully and underlining key words.
How often?: You can choose the amount of days for your child to be tutored. However, it is usually best for students to have homework help four times a week until they  independently complete homework on a regular  basis.
Success: Most students internalize good study habits after 2-3 months, however each child is unique.  For faster results, we recommend more frequent tutoring.
Cost: One-hour sessions range from $25-35, depending on location and amount of sessions. Half-hour sessions might be available for younger students and would be on an as-needed basis.
How to start?: Make a consultation appointment, and we will find you a homework tutor within a week.  There are no long-term contracts!