PACE LogoPACE: Processing And Cognitive Enhancement

MTC: Master The Code

Has your child struggled for a long time without much progress? Does your child have a difficult time paying attention? Have you tried tutoring or other interventions, but nothing has worked?
Why PACE?: Student needs underlying processing skills strengthened.
Ages: 1st grade-adulthood
Where?: Beth Goodman comes to your house or you come to hers (for a discounted price).
Subjects: PACE is not meant to teach subjects. However, math facts are taught intensely and other subjects are taught briefly. PACE lessons can be described as personalized brain games. These brain exercises lay the foundation for content that is taught in school.
How?: After assessing your child, Beth Goodman uses the researched and proven PACE materials to target your child’s needs. Each session includes several different types of brain exercises that address auditory, visual, comprehension, memory, processing speed, and logical and reasoning skills.
How often?: PACE is most effective because it is an intensive 12-week training of one-hour sessions 3-6 days per week. However, the amount of paid sessions depends on parents’ availability to work with the child as well.
Success: Average gains of OVER TWO YEARS are common in just 12 weeks.
Cost: PACE is paid for as a package as opposed to hourly sessions. The package includes all materials and a set amount of sessions. Since the cost varies with the number of sessions, the exact cost will be determined after the family consultation meeting.
How to start?: Make an appointment, and Beth will assess your child for a fee of $100. Then, we will meet a second time, free of charge, to discuss the results and determine if PACE is for you. If you decide to enroll your child in PACE, the $100 will apply to the overall cost of the program.
MTC: Master The Code is a reading program that strengthens phonemic awareness and phonics. It lays the foundation for reading fluency and comprehension. MTC is a supplementary program that is done along with or after PACE.
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