As a Foundation for Learning client, you get…

  • High-quality tutors at affordable rates!
  • No long-term contracts and no need to pay huge payments.
  • Collaboration between tutors, yourself, teachers, school professionals, and Foundation for Learning.  If your child needs more support, we work as a team to find solutions.  As well, we can support you during IEP meetings and/or communicate with the classroom teacher when needed.
  • Ongoing assistance and support from Foundation for Learning.  If you have any questions about your tutor or suggestions for your tutor, we will gladly help you.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!  If you are not satisfied with your tutor, you may switch tutors at any time and get the first session with the new tutor for free.
  • Substitute Tutors; if your tutor cannot make it, you may choose to have a substitute tutor (if available).
  • Incentives; Get $50.00 each time your referral signs up with Foundation for Learning.  Get discounted sessions during vacation times. Discounted vacation times include fall break, winter break, ski week, and/or spring break.  Also, get discounts for paying a month at a time and for more hours per week.
  • A local, real person to talk to at Foundation for Learning.  There’s no need to deal with a large company far away only to be frustrated.  Deal locally!!