Beth and Family

Beth, Alan and baby Avi Foundation for Learning

Foundation for Learning

Foundation for Learning is a small local business that meets various educational needs of our community.  It is our mission to help lay the foundation for children’s lives.  The most important time in students’ lives is the early years.  However, many people do not get help until much later.  Instead of struggling for years to come, get those learning gaps filled now.  Our services are designed to meet various needs and to get to the root of the problems.

We offer:

  • One-on-one in-home tutoring in reading, writing, and math for K-8th grades
  • Processing And Cognitive Enhancement (PACE) and Master The Code (MTC) programs for students in 1st grade and up
  • Homework help for 1st-8th grades
  • Homeschool classes specifically designed for your group
  • Services in Sonoma and Marin
  • Reasonable rates

 Beth Goodman, MA 

Owner of Foundation for Learning

Hi, my name is Beth Goodman, the founder of Foundation for Learning.  I taught fifth grade for three years at a public school and 6th/7th grade for one year at a private school.  I have been a one-on-one tutor for eight years and have seen incredible results.  I also am a certified PACE (Processing And Cognitive Enhancement) and MTC (Master The Code) provider.  I have a multiple-subject teaching credential and a master’s degree in teaching from University of San Francisco.  

Contact me for more information.

Beth Goodman, MA
Contact Beth online 


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